Charley Gates M.d.

Years of experience: 10
Position: Program and Physician Development

​Dr Gates realized his skill set could be used and developed in rural communities where there is a lack of quality care.  With his background as a physician, he has been able to develop programs to fit the specific hospitals needs. 

Robert Swift D.O.

Years of experience: 15
Position: Director

Dr. Swift started  Performance Orthopedics with the idea of providing rural hospitals with a private practice care mentality.  By doing this the hospitals have become more efficient, received higher rating, and better patient outcomes.

We strive to help hospitals develop a solid foundation and business strategy so they can be successful. We will work to improve an orthopedic program, productivity, organization, company culture, and patient satisfaction.

Saul Singh, DO

Years of experience: 20
Position: Program and Physician Development

​Dr. Singh has over 8 years of physician leadership experience in multiple practice environments. Dr. Singh has worked with hospital leaderships to improve physician engagement and patient outcomes. He has improved resource utilization by working cooperatively with hospital administration. 

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About Us

Michael Shaw

Years of experience: 10
Position: Business Development / Recruitment

Michael has an education in business with 11 years experience helping both small businesses and large industries improve business performance thru creativity and efficiency. 


Performance orthopedics provides quality, efficient, value based orthopedic care solutions to critical access hospitals in communities by board certified physicians. Improving the benefits of an orthopedic program to the hospital and surrounding area.