The program provides the opportunity to capture lost orthopedic volumes, improve quality and efficiency by having physicians work a full FTE or more, while on site.  

The hospital doesn't have to worry about 24/7 ER call coverage.  The hospital can grow by keeping emergent and urgent cases and capture elective cases.  Having two or three physicians work as a single unit will increase the capture of more orthopedics patients as different surgeons have general orthopedic skills plus additional speciality interests. 

The hospital doesn't have to sacrifice professional billing fees for coverage. The program will help the hospital bill and capture the professional fee if desired. There are unique opportunities to establish programs that help businesses in the community as well as compete more effectively with larger facilities.  The management of the program will help provide orthopedic education to staff, capture revenue, improve operating room efficiency, provide improved quality outcomes and utilization.

Performance Orthopedics was created to improve patient care, satisfaction and management of orthopedic surgical programs in rural, acute and critical access communities.  Our surgeons have worked in many environments and have come with proven experience to successfully work with hospital boards and management teams to create positive patient outcomes, benefit communities and return more than the cost of investment in the program.