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Orthopedics in 
rural communties

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As a physician working with our company you will have the ability to work based on your schedule
and live where you want while making excellent compensation.

Committed to helping people…. 


By providing your patients with quality, timely orthopedic care we improve community relationships
and keep more patients in the medical service area.

Program Specifics

Our goal is to improve efficiencies through out the hospital system, improving quality, patient
satisfaction, and ensuring orthopedic coverage as needed by the hospital system.

Dr. Robert Swift and Dr. Charlie Gates have spent their careers practicing medicine in all types of environments from overseas to various communities all over the country.  Because of this knowledge,  rural communities receive the care that they would expect and deserve.  With a passion for bringing higher-level surgical care to remote places, these two orthopedic surgeons started Performance Orthopedics.

The leaders of this surgeon led company have over thirty years of combined surgical and emergency room coverage experience. This team has identified a need for specialty surgeons to provide acute hospital care for patients.  They can solve that problem by providing high quality, board certified orthopedic surgeons to manage all acute care patients that are presented in a hospital setting.  The result has been a complete change in the health of the community hospitals in the locations Performance Orthopedics services.  With a sincere dedication to helping people at the forefront, Performance Orthopedics provides the best in specialty care.  Performance Orthopedics is founded on the idea that community health means effort and enthusiasm in more than just the operating room. These orthopedic surgeons have seen firsthand the benefits of specialty care in rural communities and how that care translates to economic growth and success for the hospital, its staff, its patients, and the entire community.